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The Breech-tool uses brush heads that have been designed specifically for cleaning hard to reach parts on your weapon system.

The brush heads fit onto the tool and can be used to clean anything you choose.

The head bristles are made from tough nylon so can be easily wiped cleaned with your fingers or a cloth and used again and again.

The head can be rotated into the required position to allow you to clean not only the breech but any awkward part of the weapon system you choose.

The brush heads do wear out after extensive use. In order to maximise brush head life, trim bristles when rigidity is reduced.

Discard responsibly once the head is no longer a snug fit on the tool.

What comes in the pack?
  • 10 x Durable and washable Brush heads in NATO green
    • (1 head can last at least a week of intensive cleaning*)
  • 1 x holding pack

*Results from an average plt commanders course in Brecon. On “Particularly filthy weapons including the LMG”.
The Brush Heads
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